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  • Timo Kiviluoma

Park Hotell Viljandi - the best hotel in Viljandi

Park Hotell Viljandi is a real gem. And definitely the best hotel in Viljandi and comparable to any 4-star hotels in a world.

After the long-lasting construction works, Park Hotell opened its doors last year. The building itself is over 100 years old and built for a hotel purpose. During the war, the hotel closed its doors as a hotel. Luckily now the old-time shining with modern comforts have here.

I stayed a couple of nights during the Folk Festival when the town is boasting life. The hotel was obviously full, but inside the hotel, there was very calm. In Estonia, most of the hotels don't have the air-conditioning in rooms, mostly because there is no need for it. But when the heatwave hits, it's so comfortable to have a serene haven, to sleep and have a rest.

Park Hotell Viljandi
Park Hotell Viljandi


There are two kinds of room in Park Hotell: ones with a view to park and ones with atrium view. If the outside view is not essential for you, you'll get better value without an outside view. I stayed at beautiful third floor room, which was accessible. The air-conditioning worked perfectly

Park Hotell Viljandi

Park Hotell Viljandi


Park Hotell offers a reasonable buffet breakfast, especially while noticing that the hotel comprises only 37 rooms. The atmosphere in the breakfast restaurant is calm and peaceful.

Park Hotell Viljandi

I recommend this hotel for all Viljandi visitors, but especially for couples and families with toddlers.


Although this article has put into practice with Park Hotell, my opinions are always my own and can't be purchased.

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