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  • Timo Kiviluoma

Sueno Deluxe Resort, Belek

I have an 12-year-old son. During the last decade I’ve experienced almost 15 family-oriented hotels and resorts. I’m always looking for good quality. Most of the hotels and resorts have been really nice, but something has always been missing. If the resort had been designed to please kids, the quality of food has been lousy. If the hotel has been posh and it’s service top-notch, there’s been an unvoiced feeling that kids running around screaming is an adverse factor. If everything has been perfect, my wallet has been screaming in terror. So, I thought, the perfect family resort in the perfect environment, at a price possible for a normal working dad just doesn’t exist.

Then I found Sueno Hotel Deluxe Belek. It’s a brand new, huge resort in Turkey. When I saw the first images on the Internet, I immediately realized – this is it! The place that could be the best family resort in the whole world! That’s a lot to say, but Sueno Hotel Deluxe Belek has an exceptional combination of things that make for a successful family holiday.

Travelling with kids is different than travelling without them. There are blogs and articles where a writer tries to prove that you can do all the things you did on your holiday before kids. But you can’t. Kids have different needs than yours, and as a parent, you are concerned about things you didn’t even know existed in your kid-free life. It’s not a good idea to go outside and start searching for a nice-looking little restaurant if your kid is hungry. You can’t dismiss the discomforts of the hotel if you stay there a lot. If the advertised hotel price includes just the room and breakfast, there are the many hidden costs you can’t avoid. Kids love to play in a middle of construction work, but that’s not any form of relaxation for adults. So many distracting outside conditions that the holiday itself can add stress to your life.

Sueno Hotel Deluxe Belek is designed to tackle all of these limitations. Yes, all of them. All…Of…Them. It features an all-inclusive scheme, which means you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. And you know for sure there’s food your offspring is willing to eat, at the same time you enjoy your gourmet food. And coffee. Ice cream. Adult beverages for parents. Whatever you like, whenever you like.

There’s room for everybody. Even the standard rooms are huge. You can spend a week or two there without having a nervous breakdown. There are all kinds of entertainment inside the resort. Beach. Pools. Water park. Animation shows. Indoor amusement park. Cinema. Mini-club. And entertainment for adults, too. Spa. Beauty centre. Fitness equipment. Night Club. It was so easy to camp next to poolside for a day and find everything within an easy, short walking distance.

My total favourite was a Food Court. It’s an open-air restaurant close to pools, open at lunch and coffee time. Over 15 different little stalls offering tasty and easy food, drinks and delicacies. Everybody finds a tasty option, and you can have a different meal every day. Or eat burgers and fries every day, if you want to. High quality combined with easy atmosphere and no hassles with money.

Miss Roza Sansizbaeva, guest relations representative at Sueno Hotel Deluxe Belek, told me that the main idea of this new resort has been, and will be, relaxation for the whole family and an easier life –even for a few days – for their guests. For me, it’s a perfect goal, and I’m sure most families share the feeling.

So, I found the best family resort in the world. If you know any better family-oriented place available for a reasonable sum of money, let me know. I’d be more than surprised if someone could show me a better family resort than Sueno Hotel Deluxe Belek. Until then, Sueno Hotel Deluxe Belek is my champion in this demanding race.

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