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  • Timo Kiviluoma

The best hotel breakfast in Helsinki

The Best Hotel Breakfast in Helsinki

Radisson Blu Plaza Helsinki offers the best hotel breakfast in Helsinki. How can I be so sure?

Well, I’ve stayed in almost 20 different hotels in Helsinki, from cheap, to middle class and to luxurious. I’m always looking for good value in every hotel category. The formula for good value varies of course depending on the price you are paying. But for me, the two most important factors are interior design and the quality of the breakfast buffet. If either of these is not good enough, I’m not satisfied.

Unlucky Friday night

Radisson Blu Plaza Helsinki has a good and steady reputation; it is a centrally located four-star hotel where everything works. The room was a bit ageing but the bed was very comfortable and in general the atmosphere was very comfy. However, when I recently stayed there one Friday night, the location of my room happened to be very unlucky; just opposite my room across the street was Aussie Bar. I guess their customers are often more drunk than normal bar-goers and the noise they made at night-time on the street was a bit too much for me. Unlucky me! Hopefully, my next time at Radisson Blu Plaza, I’ll get a room not facing the street.

After a night of not-so-good sleep. I was eager to eat a proper breakfast. I had heard good stories about the breakfast, so my expectations were pretty high. And because of that, I was a bit worried if I’d be disappointed.

Radisson Blu Plaza Helsinki

A warm welcome

As I entered the breakfast restaurant, I was greeted warmly and was able to find a peaceful place to eat. Indeed, the restaurant space is pretty huge, so there were a lot of free tables. There were also so many delicious dishes to choose, so plentiful and beautifully set.

And then I noticed the chef, who was making delicious omelettes.

The Best Hotel Breakfast in Helsinki
The Best Hotel Breakfast in Helsinki

The wages for restaurant staff in Finland are higher than in most countries, so there is a tendency to avoid salary costs. That creates sometimes a self-service mood at hotel breakfasts and certainly it’s rare for there to be extra staff there, such as a chef to specially make omelettes for the guests. Although in general, I know it’s not fair to compare hotels and their restaurants to hotels in other countries where wages are very low, like Thailand or Turkey, and where the service level is outstanding because of that.

The other aspect of a good breakfast buffet for me is the dessert. There are hotels in Scandinavia that tend to offer only a healthy breakfast, but when I eat hotel breakfast, the sweets are a must. And in this regard, Radisson Blu Plaza didn’t let me down. Sweets, pancakes and fruits were offered – so yummy!

Until something better shows up

So my conclusion is easy: Radisson Blu Plaza Helsinki offers the best hotel breakfast in Helsinki! If there are hotel owners willing to prove my conclusion wrong, feel free to invite me to investigate the issue. I’ll be more than glad to admit I was wrong if I can find a better hotel breakfast.

Update 6.4.2017

I stayed one night at this hotel and the quality of breakfast buffet remains. And this time my room was at the other side of the building and there weren't any distraction during nighttime.

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