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  • Timo Kiviluoma

Vila Grabyte, Kaunas

Presstrip with Kaunas2022

Vila Grabyte is one of the highest quality accommodations in Kaunas, Lithuania. I visited there on the press tour in May 2022 and also chatted with the owner.

Vila Grabyte is a nearly 100-year-old villa in the Panemune villa area near the city of Kaunas. The estate was originally owned by the parents of the grandparents of the current owners. She said he remembered the place from his childhood as her own secret garden.

When the estate ownership transferred to her and her spouse, they decided to take up accommodation and carry out an extensive renovation, both returning to the old style of the early last century and rebuilding the modern bathrooms and technology. The renovation was ready to come last year.

Vila Grabyte, Kaunas
Vila Grabyte, Kaunas
Vila Grabyte, Kaunas

The villa has three accommodation rooms upstairs and two lounges downstairs. A lot of effort has also been put into the decoration. In addition to the old furniture and goods in the villa, many period objects have been acquired. I think the villa is like a time machine to the time before the Second World War.

The villa is especially suitable for those traveling by car; the estate is not available for breakfast or dinner. In addition, the center of Kaunas is easiest to reach by car. And if your traveling party is big enough to book all three rooms, you can even spend there villa life with friends.


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