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  • Timo Kiviluoma

Bordoy Alcudia Port Suites Hotel - Mallorca

Bordoy Alcudia Port Suites is a boutique hotel located Port d'Alcudia, Mallorca. It's an adult-oriented hotel, dedicated to Loxury. Loxury means local luxury, and in my opinion, local luxury is the hottest thing in the hotel industry right now.

Caprice Alcudia Port hotel - Mallorca

Alcudia Port Suites - experiences

Bordoy Alcudia Port Suites has an ideal location, only a block away from the beach but not located in the noisiest restaurant area. You can see the Mediterranean Sea from the upper floors. From the fifth floor, which is the top floor, the views are open - there are only a few higher buildings nearby. Especially the sunset is terrific; the sun sets behind the mountains.

The best part of this grand hotel is the staff - their attitude towards their job and guests is unbelievable. They are real customer experience superstars. Everyone I met was so warm-hearted and professional, ladies in the spa, the restaurant staff, Victor in a bar, everyone!

Caprice Alcudia Port hotel - Mallorca
Caprice Alcudia Port hotel - Mallorca

Be as private as you want

During the days I visited the high season hadn't begun. The days were a bit cloudy, and the pool water was too cold for me. There were plenty of loungers next to the pool or in a sun deck, so guests can be as private as they like. The top-floor rooms have a private sun deck with jacuzzi for even more discrete guests.

The food and drinks are in an essential role in Alcudia Port Suites. In a breakfast buffet, there are carefully selected traditional and not-so-traditional breakfast items. Dinner-time is the same kind of feast for culinary as the breakfast is.

I recommend Bordoy Alcudia Port Suites especially for couples - there are a lot of possibilities to pamper yourself and be as private as you want.

Caprice Alcudia Port hotel - Mallorca
Caprice Alcudia Port hotel - Mallorca

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