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  • Timo Kiviluoma

Zafiro Mallorca is a paradise for families

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On the island of Mallorca there is a small holiday town, Can Picafort. And Can Picafort has a resort where families can really enjoy their week or two in the sun. That resort is Zafiro Mallorca, where I spent a week with my family and I was so impressed. During the last decade, I’ve spent quite a lot of time at hotels and resorts that claim to be child-friendly. Sometimes they even are. However, at these family resorts, usually the biggest problem is that they are designed only to suit the kids and for practicality. The proverb “if the kids are happy, then the parents are happy too” is taken too literally. For a few days that’s true, but in the longer run, the parents also want to relax and have meaningful holiday experiences. Zafiro Mallorca is a rare example of how to combine both needs in the same resort.

Usually, a holiday resort designed to be great for kids is not an esthetical triumph due to its practicality. Also, dining at a hotel hundreds of kids roaming around is not always a peaceful experience. And if you are stuck in the middle of nowhere, the only alternative is to tell yourself that at least your kids are enjoying themselves. At Zafiro Mallorca, they have ingeniously found the solution for how to balance a reasonable price, beauty, a premium dining experience and satisfying the children.

Zafiro Mallorca, Can Picafort

All-inclusive is worth the money

You can stay at Zafiro Mallorca without a meal package or you can buy either a half-board or an all-inclusive. The all-inclusive costs €59 per day per adult when buying at the hotel, though the price for kids is lower. If the all-inclusive is bought before you arrive, the price may be lower. All-inclusive covers all food, all non-alcoholic beverages, and most alcoholic beverages from dusk till dawn. For a family, all-inclusive is the most convenient option, and if you spend most of your time at the resort, it is also economical.

Sometimes eating all-inclusive at a family resort can be quite monotonous, with pizza, nuggets, burgers etc., all prepared specially for kids. In its main restaurant, Zafiro Mallorca serves high-quality, versatile, and beautifully laid out breakfasts, lunches and dinners. During the afternoon, the pool bar serves pizzas, burgers, salads etc. I was really impressed with the quality of the buffet settings. Often, it looked like a gourmet restaurant. Moreover, there were dishes even for the pickiest of kids. And, of course, the cake and ice cream bar is a hit for sure! At dinner time, there can be a vast number of families all dining simultaneously, so the outdoor seating can be a more comfortable alternative.

The most special thing at the bars and restaurants is the cheerful, efficient, and professional staff. By the second day, they remembered us, and some of them even remembered our names. They served both the smaller and the adult clients equally and professionally.

Zafiro Mallorca, Can Picafort
Zafiro Mallorca, Can Picafort
Zafiro Mallorca, Can Picafort

The renovated rooms are best

Zafiro Mallorca has been in the same place for decades, though it was previously called Viva Mallorca. When it was rebranded, some of the rooms were renovated, but the rest are showing their age. We had a suite with a separate bedroom, a living room, and a roof terrace. The rooms on the ground level face the pool area and they have their own small nice-looking private garden terraces. During the peak season when the hotel is fully booked, all the sun beds around the pool area may be reserved (except for those in the quiet adult-only area) and the noise level is quite high. However, you can always stay in your own garden or roof terrace.

Zafiro Mallorca, Can Picafort
Zafiro Mallorca, Can Picafort

Kids are the Number One guests

Zafiro Mallorca is primarily a family resort. A lot has been done to ensure the kids enjoy their holiday time. The daily activities keep children entertained safely. There are a lot of highchairs and plastic cutlery at the restaurants, cribs are available, and all kinds of requests are solved efficiently. At the restaurants, the waiters serve the kids professionally. And if you choose all-inclusive, your kids can get soft drinks, ice cream and fruits throughout the day.

Zafiro Mallorca, Can Picafort

The well-cared garden is a joy to behold

The hotel buildings surround a large garden area in which the pools and restaurant are located. This arrangement excludes all external noise from the garden area. The traffic around the resort is quiet. The garden area is accessible with wheelchairs and strollers. Everywhere is clean and there are also quiet areas.

The beach and the center are nearby

It is approximately a half kilometer walk to the beach and to Can Picafort. From the hotel, the walk to the beach goes gently downhill and it takes you to where the beach promenade begins. In the other direction, there are 10 kilometers of quite clean beach running all the way to Alcudia. Can Picafort has plenty of restaurants and tourist shops. The whole area is very clean and looks safe.

I recommend Zafiro Mallorca for families

I recommend Zafiro Mallorca, especially for families with small kids. On the other hand, if being around a vast number of small children makes you anxious, Zafiro Mallorca could be too much for you. I also recommend choosing all-inclusive, since I found the price/quality ratio excellent.

Commercial cooperation

Although this article is put into practice with Zafiro Hotels, my opinions are always my own and can’t be bought.

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