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  • Timo Kiviluoma

Trondheim - an old city but young residents


Being a travel blogger offers great opportunities to visit exceptional places, and Trondheim truly was a treat for me. I spent three days there as a guest of Visit Trondheim.

The biggest surprise was the city of Trondheim itself. I kind of expected a small-town attitude and eagerness to appear more modern and international than it actually is. However, I found myself just wandering around in the city, looking at beautiful views and old wooden buildings. Sure, there are also ugly, concrete buildings – especially in the city centre – but just a few blocks away from the central square you’ll find a town that is proud of its roots and its surrounding countryside: hills, the Nidelva river and Trondheimfjord.


Many tourists come to Trondheim just because of the wonderful natural environment of the area; either they have a holiday packed with activities like fishing or they want to experience the coast of Norway and its magnificent views. However, the main attractions for me were Rockheim, the national museum of rock music, and the experiences of festival time at the beginning of August. In addition, the best football team of Norway, Rosenborg FC, is in Trondheim, and Lerkendal, its home stadium, was one of the things I wanted to see during my visit.

Trondheim is pretty easy to reach by plane: there are international flights and a lot of scheduled flights to Oslo Airport. Trondheim, like Norway as a whole, is an expensive place for tourists. Everything a visitor needs or wants is expensive, but with a little planning, you can reduce your cost, especially by choosing cheaper options in restaurants.

No doubt nature and nature-related activities are the number one reason to visit Trondheim. However, there are lots of interesting cultural pursuits to explore. If you have the chance to visit Trondheim, I’d highly recommend that you explore not only the mighty Trondelag region around Trondheim, but also the city itself.


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